Once Upon a Business...The Role of Storytelling in Leadership, Management, and Entrepreneurship
April 5th, 2007 12 PM

Chris Yeh
Ben Casnocha (phone)
David Stern
Dave McClure
Ted Wang
Marty Hollander
David Cowan
Bob Karr
David Sifry
Ben Choi
Reid Hoffman
Davis Masten
Onil Gunawardana
Gabe Rosen
Ruth Ann Barrett
Cynthia Holladay
Ben Rigby
Tim Taylor
Justin Kromelow
Susan Berman
Jayne Lange
Rahim Fazal
Noah Horton
Daniel James

Even in the age of PowerPoint and endless data, the most persuasive arguments usually involve telling a story.

There's no better way to communicate an idea than to tell an entertaining story. Be the occasion a formal presentation, sales pitch, or a casual coffee with friends, humans remember and communicate information best with stories.
:: Speaking of sales pitches...on storytelling and sales

During this lunch discussion, we will discuss the techniques of good storytelling. Do all good stories have a beginning, middle, and end? What about climax? How can you have a killer delivery? What are the differences between written and oral storytelling?

Because our topic is the use of storytelling in the business world, we'll pay special attention to the practical tactics of storytelling. Should your style change, depending on the audience? When should you be original, and when should you emphasize the familiar?

We will debate these questions through....the use of stories. Participants will be asked to tell a story of his or her own and we'll jointly critique its content and delivery in a friendly and helpful way.

http://www.managers-gestionnaires.gc.ca/get_real/storytelling_e.pdf - Storytelling in the workplace