Bios of Q3 '06 Participants

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Menlo Park

Chris Yeh
Father, clown, janitor, and short-order cook (father naturally implies the other three), Chris spends most of his energy trying to survive the life of a modern day Chief Dad Officer. When their Imperial Highnesses Jason and Marissa deign to grant him some free time, he is the marketing guy for a well-funded startup whose business is too boring to talk about at cocktail parties (assuming he went to them), and advises startups and younger entrepreneurs so that in the unlikely event he finds himself in a social occasion, he can hold someone's attention for a few moments before they spot Mike Arrington and dash off to try to wangle a TechCrunch review.

When not commenting on Ben Casnocha's fashion sense or more eccentric proclivities, he writes his own blog (Adventures in Capitalism, which oddly enough, lacks both titular characteristics) and tags prolifically in

Ben Casnocha
Ben started his first company when he was 12 years-old and is currently on the board of Comcate, Inc., an on-demand CRM company he founded in 2001 at age 14. Ben's work has been featured in various international media, most recently USA Today, an article which generated deep scrutiny at Valleywag over his nipple. The photograph in question was taken after both Ben and the photographer were kicked off the campus of his high school for violating a privacy rule. At a conference in Paris PoliticsOnline named him one of 25 most influential people in the world of internet and politics, with Ben achieving a slightly higher rank than John McCain and Bill Gates (they were outraged). He recently graduated from high school where he was two-year captain of the varsity basketball team, editor-in-chief of the student newspaper (a position from which he resigned after inciting city-wide riots within the elite private school community), and founder of a failed campus radio station. He writes prolifically on his blog which the San Jose Business Journal recently called one of the Top 25 Blogs in Silicon Valley, mostly because they hired his friend Auren Hoffman to come up with the rankings. In his free time Ben enjoys playing chess, ping-pong, reading, and writing.

Zoli Erdos
Zoli has two decades of Software & Services Management & hands-on business experience. He currently advises several start-ups and writes a blog. Prior to the Small Business & Startup world he held senior positions at SAP, IBM, Deloitte, KPMG

Olivier Marchand
Olivier is Director of Client Services at Comcate, Inc., the leading provider of CRM / request tracking application for local governments throughout the country. Prior to joining Comcate in San Francisco, Olivier worked for Michelin in France, in the UK and in South Carolina. Olivier holds a MS from the Ecole des Mines de Paris, a French engineering school in Paris. As of a couple weeks ago Olivier is a father!

Christopher Carfi
I've had the opportunity to work on a bunch of cool things over the years. These have included: * Heading up a killer team that developed information management and data visualization systems for the Indy Car circuit * Developing advanced underwriting systems to help financial institutions better manage their financial risk * Being one of the original members of the board of directors for RosettaNet, the premier standards body for process integration across the electronics industry Currently, I'm a co-founder of Cerado, Inc. We work with companies to help them to understand what their customers are thinking (by doing crazy things like going out and having conversations with those customers). We also help our clients understand what their competitors are doing, so they can thwart them at every turn. Most of our customers turn to us for services such as Win/Loss Analysis and Competitive Intelligence*. I've spent the last six or so years working with organizations to help them better connect with their customers at a real, non-synthetic level. Hence the interests in things like blogs, wikis, and social networks. Although I've been on the west coast since 1998 or so, I hold my Chicago roots dear. Grew up in that great city by the lake and went to school there (Evanston, actually), and took a detour to gather another degree in Pittsburgh before making my way west. More here.

Justin Kromelow

Mike Lam

Ben Choi
Ben is a senior associate at In-Q-Tel, the VC arm of the CIA.

Tom Cole
Tom invests in software, Internet, and technology-enabled services companies for Trinity Ventures. Current interests include software as a service, and companies leveraging the Web as an application platform. He also blogs about his passion: cooking and food.

Jayne Lange

Jayne primarily helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies pursue business development opportunites, working for her own company, DPB She is afflicted with serial entrepreneurship and has enjoyed four major careers in her life: Mother of three, design engineer with General Motors, biotech business development goddess and tech company founder. Jayne’s life sciences career has included postings in London, Tokyo, East and West Coasts with industry leaders such as Novartis, Glaxo SmithKline and startups such as SyStemix, COR Therapeutics. Her industry experience ranges from small molecules to stem cells. At GM, Jayne was a design engineer primarily working on the Corvette. She's one of the few people I know who convinced someone to pay her a healthy salary to attend HBS. She drives fast cars.

Justin Khoo
Advenix is an email marketing company.

Jan Leeman

Scott Ennis
Scott works for Cushman & Wakefield, a global real estate firm.

Jackie Danicki
Formerly the Editor-in-Chief of Swiss Life’s niche community b2b e-commerce site, Jackie is the founder of the Engagement Alliance and was a pioneering blogging and RSS consultant with the world’s first specialist blogging consultancy, the Big Blog Company. In 2005, Jackie was appointed Head of Marketing for Latitude, the UK’s largest and most successful search engine marketing agency, where the social media initiatives she introduced saw the company’s press coverage increase sixfold, website traffic increase 7000 per cent, sales enquiries via the web increase tens of thousands of percentage points, and Latitude named the UK’s fastest growing media company. To help spread good ideas about how to maximize business through social media, Jackie founded the non-profit Engagement Alliance in 2006. In addition to her personal blog, Jackie is the co-creator and co-editor of Jack & Hill, a beauty blog that has won raves from media outlets such as the New York Times, Allure magazine, the Sunday Times Style magazine and Women’s Wear Daily’s Beauty Bizmagazine. She has spoken at and/or helped to produce events such as VNU’s Blogs & Social Media Forum, the Latitude Intelligence Network, What MySpace Means, and ValueClick's Commission Junction University. Jackie's real love is connecting interesting people with one another, with writing as a close second. To that end, she is currently writing a book about how online networking changes lives and will gladly listen to all personal anecdotes on this topic!

Bernard Moon
Dual interest in entrepreneurism and politics... U.S. and Asia. I blog at Junto Boyz and write a column covering the blogosphere and social software at AlwaysOn. Co-founder and VP of Business Development for GoingOn Networks, a new blogging and community building platform for companies. I serve as an advisor to Innotive, an interactive multimedia platform, and Protomobl, a new mobile social-networking platform.

I am selectively driven and passionate, coldly practical, passively social, occasionally chill, comfortably confident, high tolerance for physical and non-physical substances (alcohol, arrogance, assholes, bad breath,...), could almost hangout with anyone and can talk about almost anything with a sincere interest, easily amused at myself, honest and blunt to a fault,... KEIRSEY TEMPERAMENT: ESTP (to a T, with a strong S, and double E if there was one),... YEAH, and i love bacon especially in kimchi jigae, wrapped on scallops, and on pizzas with masses of sausage and fresh mushrooms... part of the reason I GAINED OVER 30 LBS. since college. USE TO LOVE PLAYING VOLLEYBALL but due to my weight gain and rotator cuff injuries i've become limited to floating in water and side paddling as my primary form of exercise.

Dale Edmondson
Dale is counsel in the Silicon Valley office of O'Melveny & Myers. Dale's practice focuses on securities litigation of all varieties, including litigation involving the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, the Uniform Standards Act, the Securities Act of 1933, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, investigations initiated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, derivative actions, corporate election contests, and state securities law and common law claims concerning the purchase and sale of securities.
Dale's practice extends to complex commercial and intellectual property litigation, as well as public policy matters of concern to the technology community. Dale is also a member of the Electronic Discovery and Document Retention Practice.

David Markwell
Account manager at Oracle.
Personal web site