Dying Well: How and Why to Think About Our Own Mortality

July '07 Topic

How do we deal with our mortality? What do we teach our children and loved ones about our decline, and how do we let that influence our day-today decisions? What would you say in a 3 minute speech if you knew you were going to die immediately afterwards?

Pre-discussion handout (pdf)

Links of interest:

http://www.weddingringcoffin.com/Details.html morbid, yet oddly amusing. Not sure what to make of this thing. :P

Elie Yudkowsky's email string about his brother -- very moving

Tim Taylor's 3 minute speech

Gayle's 3 minute speech

Recommended reading: Chasing Daylight by Eugene O'Kelly
Ben Casnocha's review
Kai Chang's review
Chris Yeh's review

Menlo Park attendees:
Ben Casnocha
Chris Yeh
Gayle Margolis
Kai Chang
Shelly Harrington
Tim Taylor
Bernard Mood
Dave Zinman
Wendy Lea
Jayne Lange
Elie Yudowsky
Mark Goldenson
Jeremiah Owyang
Katherine Barr
Christina Go
Josh Abella
Ash Damle

SF attendees:
Ben Casnocha
Jeanne Parrent
Stephen Dodson
Kare Anderson
Peter Sims
Eliezer Yudkowsky
Siona van Dijk
Andrew Hess
Jeremy Bornstein
Gabe Rosen
Samidha Ghosh
Steve Silberman
Gayle Margolis